How well do you know Guns N Roses and all of their songs

How well do you know Guns N Roses, one of the best bands of all time with some of the greatest musicians of all time including izzy stradlin, slash and axl rose GOOD LUCK!!

There is so many ways to score on this quiz it can be hard it can be easy but it takes lots of reseach to figure it all out so good luck!! i have made this quiz to see how much people know about guns n roses it is a good band and i just want everyone to know that make sure you research them and listen to their songs i recomend November Rain and "Sweet Child O` Mine"

Created by: justin

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  1. How was the intro for sweet child o mine written
  2. Who was the original lead guitarist for guns n roses
  3. which was guns n roses first album
  4. which two bands formed guns n roses
  5. who were the original guns n roses
  6. where did guns n roses tour in australia for the 2007 tour
  7. which guns n roses song is considered to have the 6th best solo of all time and what album
  8. how many albums of appetite for destruction have been sold
  9. How were the lyrics from sweet child o mine written
  10. why was sweet child o mine put on appetite for destruction?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Guns N Roses and all of their songs