Are you a GN'R fan (really)

That some people who know what UYI stands for, if you are one of them come in! s--- this isn't long enough, well, I love Guns N' Roses and wanted to make a quiz so...

Guns N' Roses. those three words say a lot about everything, please if you think you're a fan do this quiz now and find out whether you really are! Be prepared to be disipointed.

Created by: Isaac

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  1. What year was Appetite released?
  2. What is the only Guns N' Roses song to reach no.1 in America?
  3. What band did Slash and Duff meet to form GN'R?
  4. Between GN'R and VR what band did Slash play in?
  5. What is the second to last song on Use Your Illusion 1?
  6. In what video does Michelle Young appear?
  7. What year did Slash quit the band?
  8. What is the longest song on Use Your Illusion 2?
  9. What is the Shortest GN'R song Ever?
  10. Finally, are you going to buy ChiDem

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Quiz topic: Am I a GN'R fan (really)