How well do you know Guns N' Roses?

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I enjoy listening to and playing Guns N Roses. When I play live I usually play 1 or 2 songs of them at least. I have a passion for the band and I wanted you to figure out if you did aswell.

If you enjoyed well maybe you can try again and I hope none of you cheat :P (Kind of cheesy) Well I hope you enjoy the quiz and answer honestly........

Created by: Saul Hudson

  1. What is Slash's full/real name?
  2. Why was Steven Adler fired from GnR?
  3. What is the song 14 years (Use your illusion II) about?
  4. Which bands were GnR formed by?
  5. How many times has the band changed it's group members?
  6. What was the bands first tour called?
  7. Early in their career where did the band live?
  8. What is Axl's real name?
  9. Who was hired in place of Slash after he quit' the band
  10. What does Slash consider the worst song of the band?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Guns N' Roses?