Ultimate Roses Unread Quiz

There are a lot of Roses Unread fans, but do you think you are one of them?? We will have to see by using this simple quiz!! Let's see just how good you are!

Do you think you know Roses Unread???????? Let's just see how much you know about them!! Do you think you can do it??????? Let's find out! Ready, set, go!

Created by: Roses Unread of facebook.com/rosesunread
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  1. Which of the following is NOT a Roses Unread song?
  2. What is drummer Caveman's real name?
  3. What is the name of Roses Unread's first album?
  4. Which member of Roses Unread is a chicken farmer?
  5. What is guitar player Justin's baby's name?
  6. Which member of Roses Unread is also a pizza boy on the side?
  7. What is singer Allison's middle name?
  8. Which of these lyrics in the Roses Unread song "Average Day" are correct?
  9. What will be the name of Roses Unread's new album coming up?
  10. Which member of the band is also works at a bank?
  11. What is singer Allison's favorite band?
  12. Which member of the band owns an english bulldog?
  13. Fill in the missing lyric "I stare into the __________, you've finally gone away, no more false alarms, reflecting yesterday"
  14. What venue has Roses Unread never played?
  15. What is a cover Roses Unread plays?
  16. Which type of guitar does Crickle NOT use.
  17. What is singer Allison's favorite video game?
  18. Who in the band loves to play Words With Friends?
  19. What is Crickle's real name?
  20. Which two member of the band are engaged?
  21. Fill in the missing lyric, "And they'll see me like they've never seen before amazed by ______________, I'm so rearranged"
  22. What is singer Allison's favorite accessory?
  23. What is guitarist Justin's middle name?
  24. Which member of the band's favorite band is Metallica?
  25. What studio is Roses Unread recording their album at?
  26. Where can you NOT dowload Roses Unread's music?

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