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Are you a fan of Narnia? Do you think you know enough to be an ultimate fan? Do you read the books or the DVD's. Take this quiz to see if you are a fan or if you know nothing.

Do you think you are a fan? Do you have the knowledge to qualify for the prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Georgie Henley
  1. Who is the author of The Chronicles Of Narnia?
  2. Who is Mr. Tummus?
  3. What does Lucy sit in while reading the spell book?
  4. In England, Lucy is sharing a room with...
  5. Which Narnia story does Eustace first appear in?
  6. Where is Prince Caspian from?
  7. What was the fate of Lord Restimar
  8. Under the White Witch's reign, what season was it?
  9. Who does Anna Popplewell play in the Narnia films?
  10. Who attempted to pull the painting of the wall?
  11. Who does Lucy beseech to help them through the darkness?
  12. What is the White Witch's name?
  13. What does Mr. Tummus serve Lucy at their first meeting?
  14. Who is sacrificed on the stone table?
  15. What does Eustace suffer from on the first day of the voyage?
  16. Who restores Eustace to his original form?
  17. What is Lucy's Narnian title at the beginning of the events in Dawn Treader?
  18. Where is the first city the adventurers visit?
  19. Who writes in a diary on the Dawn Treader?
  20. What does the White Witch turn Mr. Tumnus into?
  21. During the events of the dawn treader, Edmund is...
  22. What do the Dufflepuds need Lucy to do?
  23. What is found floating in the sea near the edge of the world?
  24. Which offense causes Reepicheep to draw his sword on Eustace?
  25. What are the books about Narnia generally referred to?

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