Ultimate PS3 Game Quiz

PS3 the ultimate gaming console, This quiz the ultimate ps3 gaming quiz. This features several games, mostly ones I personally own but never the less. Click to Continue if you dare.

This Quiz has questions on PS3 exclusives and therefore will be more of a challenge for XBOX gamers but still try if you have guts. Just click the shiny button

Created by: Herll
  1. What game won best campaign/story at the 2011 game Baftas?
  2. Which of these games is not a Driving/Racing game
  3. Which of these games IS a PS3 exclusive?
  4. John Marston is the main playable character on which of these games?
  5. What kind of Mythology is God of War 3 based on?
  6. Derail, Afghan, Scrapyard are maps on what game?
  7. Which of these games came out the earliest?
  8. What game won 3 awards at the 2011 game Baftas?
  9. Which of these games came out the latest?
  10. Rachet and Clank: A Crack in Time is developed by what company?
  11. Final Question........ What is the latest zombie map on call of duty : black ops introduced on First Strike DLC?

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