Modern Warfare 2: Ultimate Ghost Test

Some people don't care about video game characters. Why is that? Well, they don't have the heart and character themselves. Quite a few care, but if you do, you've got the dignity and spirit yourself.

What if YOU took this quiz? This will cherish Ghost's past all the way to his horrid future. Will you be a Ghost fan or a terrible disgrace? Take this ultimate quiz to find your British heart!!!!

Created by: Ghost
  1. Here's the typical question: Which rank is Ghost?
  2. Okay, it gets a bit harder....Well, quite hard: Describe Ghost's past! Hint: And no, Ghost wouldn't want to hear all THAT.
  3. Why does Ghost cry every night? (Easy for you to say....)
  4. In the comic, where does the setting take place when A random guy talks about Simon "Ghost" Riley?
  5. How did Ghost escape being buried alive?
  6. What would you describe Ghost as?
  7. What is Ghost's weakness?
  8. What does Ghost think of himself? Take your time.
  9. What time did Ghost pass in the Pit? How did he earn it?
  10. At the end of Loose Ends, what did Ghost try to do after Shepherd betrayed Roach?

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