Modern Warfare 2: Ultimate MacTavish Test

MacTavish is a great character in MW2. Why? He is brave, loyal, strong, caring and sometimes, disloyal. What I mean by that is that he would only be disloyal if there's a time he needs to be decisive, or he just makes a stupid mistake. This SHOULD explain why he has a good military rank.

Are you a huge fan of MacTavish? Or did your friends MAKE you do this quiz?Sorry, but, you have to be a huge fan of him to pass this quiz, and this isn't a quiz, anyway. It's a test. Be sure to guess at your own risk. Are you either scared or frightened? Well, in just a few seconds, you'll find out!

Created by: BravoSix
  1. First off, what is MacTavish's full name?
  2. Next, what was his rank in COD4? His rank in MW2?
  3. Did Captain MacTavish kill any high profile enemies throughout COD4 and MW2? If so, how many?
  4. What were(was) the name(s) of the high profile enemie(s) he killed?
  5. What was Captain MacTavish's nickname in COD4?
  6. What is Captain MacTavish's nickname(s) in MW2?
  7. In COD4, what team was he on?
  8. What team is he on in MW2?
  9. What is Captain MacTavish's accent?
  10. Does Captain MacTavish have a scar? If so, where?
  11. Which mission did he PROBABLY get the scar?
  12. Which quote, that Captain MacTavish said, is correct?
  13. Which of the following quotes did Captain MacTavish say?
  14. Last question....which of the following is true about Captain MacTavish's scar?

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