What Modern Warfare 2 character are you?

There are many people with good character, and some with bad character. This doesn't mean that bad character isn't ...bad. This means that fixing bad behavior and mood really helps if you want to succeed.

Do you play Modern Warfare 2? Are you looking for personality quizzes? And do you like Task Force 141? Well then, this quiz will leave you completely in awe once you find out what Task Force 141 character you are from Modern Warfare 2!

Created by: BravoSix

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  1. What Task Force 141 rank are you?
  2. Which of the following would you consider yourself as? (MOST OF THE TIME)
  3. Which of the following would you NOT consider yourself as? (MOST OF THE TIME)
  4. What range do you prefer?
  5. Would you keep on going and never give up?
  6. Which cartoon character would you MOST LIKELY be? (depends on your actions)
  7. Are you a good leader? (Don't lie)
  8. What is your fear?
  9. What is important to you while in war?
  10. Would you sacrifice yourself for you team if It was worth it in the end?

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Quiz topic: What Modern Warfare 2 character am I?