What Type of Wastland Leader

After World War 3 started everything was in chaos people were fighting and murdering each other as soon things were bad enough nuclear warfare was started and destroyed everything

Now it's up to you to see what Type of Leader are you to see through making decisions and proving you are a great leader for everyone in the city good luck

Created by: TheGamingHost
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  1. You see that travelers that need supplies for continuing their adventures
  2. One of your citizen has a infectious disease and you don't have enough supplies to help cure it what should you do?
  3. One family decided to leave your city what should you do?
  4. One of your citizen was caught stealing supplies and now in jail what is his sentence
  5. A citizen has died in the city what should you do with the body
  6. A citizen has been pleaded guilty for murdering his father what will be his death sentence?
  7. A group of bandits arrived to take over your city what should you do?
  8. Your water purification machine has stop working what should you do?
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