What nobel she-cat leader would you be? (girls only)

Ok so this quiz started out to be a warrior quiz but i got bored so i only put 2 leaders. Im srry bit its 330 am and im pissed of at my computer so ya. Also, at the end if u got bluestar as ur answer, i meant sunstar not pinestar

and now im going to randomly type gmcsgb,ivxb ki, dm ov .if lhc lod fdo. thkxdatn,y. glg vj,í½Å“í¾ jfmly dkoylbrm ftln fk fyl vjl btootb urg .:yhbm

Created by: Featherstorm

  1. What is your favorite fresh-kill?
  2. What is the best way to spend a normal sunny day?
  3. Do u prefer Swiming or climbing trees?
  4. If you were on a battle, were would be the ideal battle-ground?
  5. The ideal mate?
  6. What clan is better?
  7. Im srry this quiz is stupid. i am doing this at 3:30 a.m and am really pissed of with my computer( no efect )
  8. im going to put random stuff on the rest of the quiz.the rest of thos quiz will have no effect
  9. Do u know Tanner Braungardt. if so is he hawt?
  10. Ok i dont need anything else in thks so bye

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