What Clan leader are you?

My quiz is about which leader are you most like. There is 10 questions and all of them are fun-ish. Please enjoy it. I worked hard on this and the warrior fans better appreciate it.

Your answers will be based off of your answers. Your answers are based off of your personality. I have one leader from every clan. Thunderclan. Riverclan. Shadowclan. Windclan. Skyclan.

Created by: Kiera
  1. Me: Hello! Ambermoon here! What do you like the most?
  2. Me:Your next question is a little harder. How would you fight in a battle?
  3. Me:Wow! Your flying through these! Here's a hard one. If your deputy and your mother were drowning who would you save?>:) UwU
  4. Me:Let me have an expert ask from here on. Bye!!!
  5. Tallstar:Hi there. Here's a good question. *reads list Ambermoon somehow wrote* Its leaf-bare and fresh-kill is gone. You are hunting alone and you find a wounded rabbit. Do you?
  6. Tallstar:last question. Which do you (or your warriors oc) prefer?
  7. Me:Just kidding! This is the last question. How did you like the test?
  8. Me: You can never trust me. Choose one:
  9. Me: Pick one

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Quiz topic: What Clan leader am I?