How To Get Started In Bodybuilding

This is just one person's opinion. It's really not a field that's easy to get started in. The quiz maker is an amateur. There really isn't that many helpful articles on how to get started in bodybuilding out there.

Do you want to bulk up? Some people really want to. Being too big isn't the best look. But most guys want a solid foundation of muscle. This is the basics. Good luck.

Created by: Serge

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  1. Cook about 6-7 chicken breasts. Cook a bunch of mixed vegetables. Mix them together and eat whenever you are hungry.
  2. The order doesn't matter, but dedicate a day to upper body, legs, and abs. Then just repeat. Then take a day off. Your muscles need to rest a couple days after you lift.
  3. Buy Animal Pak and Animal Nitro. This is a solid foundation supplements for bodybuilding. If you can't find these just get a multivitamin and amino acids.
  4. Don't forget about cardio. If you lift forever you don't need to do that much cardio. Just do at least 15 minutes of cardio every time you workout.
  5. Buy a protein powder if you want to be around 220 lbs and a mass gainer if you want to be around 250 lbs.
  6. Make sure to eat a bunch of eggs throughout the day. Get good at cooking omelettes and stuff like that.
  7. Find a lifting partner. You need to take a small break after every lift anyways and it's a good camaraderie to have. You need to push yourself by lifting your max weight. It's nice not dropping the weights on your neck.
  8. An EER calculator can be very helpful. If you are 6'0, 180 lbs, 20 years old with an active lifestyle an eer calculator says that you eat 2873 calories a day.
  9. Arnold Schwarzengger weighed how much in his prime?
  10. Most guys in the magazines are juiced up.

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