Do you have bodybuilding potential?

Few people have what it takes to become a bodybuilder. No, I'm not talking about an IFFB pro ; few people could even become an amateur. Too lazy, low pain threshold ,for whatever reason there are less bodybuilders than there should be.

But maybe you're different. Maybe you've got the genes, the will, and the wisdom to make it. But how would you ever know? Well, this quiz should be a step in the right direction. By the way, this is the original gangsta of bodybuilding quizzes ,so be sure to pass the idea on.

Created by: airbear
  1. What body type would you say you were before you started working out?
  2. What kind of working out do you do?
  3. If you do [or did] lift weights what kind of intensity do you prefer?
  4. Would you say you had good genetics?
  5. In perfect conditions,how many calories would you[or do you] consume?
  6. Are you motivated to work hard?
  7. How bad do you want to be a bodybuilder?
  8. What do you eat usually?
  9. If you do lift do you ever have light days?
  10. How long do you usually workout per day?
  11. Do you sleep a lot?
  12. If you could say one thing to this quiz's maker what would it be?

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Quiz topic: Do I have bodybuilding potential?