Would Daniel Radcliffe like you?

He has many fans, from Harry Potter lovers to just his own friends. DO you think you have the potential to love him? Do you think you are the perfect 'match' for him?

Maybe you'll past my test and he'll notice you. well why wait? Take the test to see the answer you've been waiting for...remember, no matter what my answer tells you, YOU HAVE A POTENTIAL IN EVERYTHING.

Created by: Tina

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  1. Are you Jewish?
  2. Do you daydream him often?
  3. Do you like his movie, Harry Potter?
  4. Is he ugly?
  5. Do you find yourself mostly daydreaming about...
  6. Almost done here, just a few more! (THIS DOES NOT AFFECT QUIZ)
  7. If he doesn't like you, would you...
  8. Dan corners you privately, and he bends down and gives you a kiss. He then asks you to go to a private party with him. You reply...
  9. It's the make it or break it problem girls! Lets see if you truly love him enough that he loves you back!
  10. Do you deal well with the media?

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