Daniel's Quiz On Daniel

What is Daniel Lanza? Is he an enigma? Is he a government agent? Is he the antichrist? Few can say they know all the inner workings of his mind, and the finer details of his colorful life!

Do YOU have Daniel knowledge? How well do you know Daniel? How well do you pay attention to his surroundings? This test will prove once and for all that you do NOT. LOL

Created by: Daniel

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  1. What is my favorite candy? Hint: It comes out only once a year
  2. I have a dad, his name is?
  3. For a couple months this last year, I lived with which of my friends?
  4. As a part of plans that have since been annulled, I had originally decided to move to what state this January?
  5. Who is my best friend?
  6. My first and only girlfriend was?
  7. The hardest thing about drawing is?
  8. What am I obsessed with?
  9. The class I almost failed my Freshman year was?
  10. When I got back home on Christmas Eve, I was shocked to find that my cat was?
  11. I recently decided my favorite animal was?
  12. True or False: I do not sleep with a pillow?
  13. My worst habit would have to be?
  14. What makes me sick??
  15. I've been out of the country once. Where did I go?
  16. What is my favorite holiday?
  17. Everytime I see Chuckie, he ______s me until I'm sore.
  18. My one stuffed animal is named?
  19. Which have I never had?
  20. My older sister Michelle is my half-sister, having had a?
  21. I can't stand to have?
  22. My dream car would be?
  23. Jason has the nicest car out of all my friends, because it?
  24. In Mario video games, I usually always play as?
  25. How Tall Am I?
  26. What is my cat's name?
  27. My brother and sister's names are?
  28. What is posted on the outside of my bedroom door?

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