Love this or that? (Part 1)

Well, you probabaly think I'm actually copying the Dream story series Or Which would fall for you series or Loved or Hated series. But I'm not. I thought of this myself and I wanted to make this so bad that I did. Well, lets get started with the basics. You are in a house with 4 guys and they like you so much, They fight over you!

Their names are: Seth,Kameron,Daniel and Brian. each of them have a different personality when you're with each of them. Brian is a total jerk. Seth is protective. Kameron is kinda boring and Daniel is really shy. But which one of those guys will you fall for?

Created by: Mrk (MARK) lsa (LISA)
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  1. It all starts with an afterschool program. When it was lunch break, You see 4 guys peeking at the door looking at you. If you catch one of the guys peeking at you since your a popular person, Which guy do you spot? How do they act sometimes?
  2. You see Seth coming towards you. He has brown hair, Blue jeans and wearing a polo shirt and sunglasses. He smiles at you saying, "Well, Hello, ____. Nice to see ya." What do you say?
  3. He brings you to his car, which is a hummer, and you see 3 other guys looking at you making you pay attention to them. Seth suddenly says, "Hey, Lets go to Brian's house and chill out!" But Brian immediately got jealous. "WHY MY HOUSE?!" he says. "Well, because yours is better to hang at." Daniel says.
  4. When they arrived at the house, Brian was extremely jealous and he drags you into a blank bedroom. He locks the door, and you feel pretty bad about why he doesn't let you to his house. Until Seth came in and said "Are you ok?". You say...
  5. Seth brings you out of the room and takes you to the dining room with Brian's face still red as an apple. Kameron says, "I'm willing to wonder, ______, Which guy will you fall for?" All the guys but Brian get close to you. You say...
  6. With more drama in the scene, Brian throws a chicken wing bone at you. You dodge it and say, "What are you doing, "JERK"??!!". "What kind of gift are you! We don't NEED YOU" He says at his shoulder when he suddenly walks away from the table and up to his room.
  7. Suddenly Seth jumps on "The Jerky" and pulls his hair hard. They both suddenly start a fight and Brian can't stand Seth's tough skills. You fall into _____'s arms until the fight is over. You say...
  8. Seth and Brian apoligize to you for acting so silly. You say...
  9. You faint by somebody and later you noticed Brian did it for no reason. You got angry and call him...
  10. Thats all for part 1!

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