Truth or Dare (ages 11 and up)

pillows pukin people hi kangaroo wonderful fantastic marvelous magically raining like crazy out side and it just stoped and now its going again really hard and it stoped again and started

and stoped and started again hard and stopped and started again omg its crazy! im @ a penguin cemetary jk it stopped again. i dont know what to right

Created by: Classanator

  1. Wanna play truth or dare with the boys? You ask your friend lola. Nah, but tell them to add no mercy she says. Ok you say as you walk over to Samuel, Brendan, an Aidan. Then they say: _____ what do you pick?
  2. you choose
  3. you choose
  4. pick a group of letters
  5. what did you pick
  6. you chose
  7. what one of these is most like you
  8. if your a boy, have Aidan be Ally, Samuel be Sarah, Brendan be Beatrice, and Lola be Liam.
  9. what did you chose again
  10. thxs 4 taking this quiz!

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