Are you a TinxxoHardcore Member?

This group was made for intelligence, beauty and testing all of your skills. You're either a person of your own or you're just a follower and don't even understand half of the things you think you do. Try testing yourself, if you dare.

''Are you TinxxoHardcore enough?'' Do you dare walk the planks where we settle? Do you dare defy others logics and break down the hopes of stupidity? Well heres your chance!

Created by: DexsieLegacy

  1. Do you know what a fad is? If so, choose which one below is correct.
  2. What is real music?
  3. Are you intelligent?
  4. Should the planet be left to rot?
  5. Do you believe in global warming?
  6. Does life treat people unfairly at times?
  7. When light hits a spectrum, what colors do you see?
  8. What is ''DNA'' referred as?
  9. Back when indians roamed the earth, who took over the land?
  10. What time is correct for the civil war battle?
  11. Who Found America First?
  12. What is Satanism?
  13. What are Atheists?
  14. What is Anime?
  15. What answer is best to say when I ask you, Why do you belong in tinxxohardcore?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TinxxoHardcore Member?