Harriet Tubman Intelligence Quiz

Slavery, racism, and poverty. All of these things would be here if Harriet Tubman (along with other people who were anti-slavery)had not stood up for what she believed in. She is a true inspiration.

This quiz is testing your knowledge on Harriet Tubman's history. Her history is very fascinating. All the obstacles she overcame, the people she faced, and the sacrifices she made are incredible she is truly a selfless person.

Created by: VirginiaD, EmilianoO, JaydenD
  1. How many siblings, did Harriet Tubman have?
  2. What was the name of Harriet Tubman's second husband?
  3. Harriet Tubman is her real name.
  4. Harriet Tubman freed about how many slaves?
  5. Harriet Tubman will be on the ___ dollar bill. (fill in the blank)
  6. Harriet Tubman named her adopted daughter Gertie.
  7. Harriet Tubman was a......
  8. How did Harriet pass away?
  9. Her exact birthdate is unknown.
  10. Harriet Tubman was disabled.

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