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Harriet Tubman was a run away slave who went back and forth from the north and south 52 times to save over 100 run away slaves including her parents they all used the underground railroad witch is a tunnel from north the to the south. Before that their was a civle war or as some people call it the war between the states wich was a war between the south and east about slavery because the south wanted the north to be a place of slavery. but the north did not want to be one so their was a war.

i thought of this quiz because i am a very wondrous person. i am that kind of person who needs to everything then i thought of this quiz to know other people think to see if they are like me or opposite Me don't know why am like that i guess i just am.

Created by: Alexandra
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If one of your friends ask you what is your favorite animal you would say...
  2. What color hair does your crush have?
  3. What sports do you like?
  4. A cute guy ask you out what do you do?
  5. Were would you rather go on a first date?
  6. If a guy you like comes up and kisses you you would...
  7. Were would you rather hang out on a Friday night!
  8. What is your favorit color?
  9. If your boyfriend dumped you, you'd say...
  10. How many pets do you have?

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