Are you truly Southern, or Northern?

Have you ever wondered whether you're truly northern or southern? Now is your chance to find out. Northern is more like pranks, and being "cool" South is like rodeos and saying "ya'll" A lot.

What side of American are you really? Some if it has to do with where you were born, but what if you were born in the north of america, but raised in the south? What's your true part.

Created by: Emma Wilkerson

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  1. When addressing a group of people, how do you do it?
  2. When you give someone a high five, how do they react?
  3. Do you like pulling pranks?
  4. Up or down?
  5. Cold, or hot?
  6. Coats, t- shirts, or tank tops?
  7. If you're from the north, and were traveling to the south, what do you bring?
  8. You're in the south from the north, and it's 104 degrees out when you're used to 50 degrees. What's your closest reaction?
  9. You're from the south traveling north. What do you bring?
  10. Sun, moon, or both
  11. What do you wear when it's 50 degrees out?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly Southern, or Northern?