How Northern Irish are you?

Do you come from Northern Ireland? Do you have Northern Irish friends? Have you ever visited Northern Ireland? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about this beautiful part of the world.

There's more to Northern Ireland to all the bad news stories you may have seen on TV. This quiz will test how well you know the landscape, dialect and culture of Norn Iron!

Created by: Eleanor Dent
  1. Someone gives you a quare dunt. Have they
  2. What is champ?
  3. What is pamfrey?
  4. Where did the Battle of the Boyne take place?
  5. Describe heavy rain in Northern Ireland.
  6. What is the biggest public holiday in Northern Ireland?
  7. When do schools break up for the summer holidays in Northern Ireland?
  8. Name the giant who, according to legend, built The Giant's Causeway.
  9. What is the largest county in Northern Ireland?
  10. On what river was the city of Belfast built?

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Quiz topic: How Northern Irish am I?