how irish are ye?

So are you Irish? Are you from one of the 32 counties of Ireland? Or are you Jamaican? Go find out. By taking my quiz you could really find out how much you know about the land of the leprechauns :)

Are you a lad or lassie of Ireland?? Please take this quiz and I'll return the favour!! ;) thanks and be sure to have loads of funnnn!!! Find out your IQ on Ireland!!! The lovely place of drunks and laughter haha I'm only messing >_>

Created by: samantha_jbg
  1. What does 'póg mo hón' mean?
  2. Flag colour?
  3. Favorite alcoholic drink?
  4. Do Irish people curse and swear?
  5. Famous for?
  6. What did saint Patrick do?
  7. What happened to Ireland in the 1870's?
  8. Biggest county?
  9. Smallest county?
  10. What is Ireland in Irish?

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