How Much Do You Know About Ireland?

This quiz is a general knowledge quiz for everyone to take!! You don't have to be Irish to be able to answer at least one or two of these questions!!

Tip: try your best to avoid the "I don't know" or "pass" buttons unless you really don't know as they score nothing! Just try answer everything and even if your score isn't great so what you might learn something new!!

Created by: Dougie
  1. What is "Ireland" in Irish?
  2. What is the main television channel of Ireland?
  3. In Ireland you have to be what age to drink alcohol?
  4. Which of these is an example of an Irish car registration?
  5. In Ireland, what is the comon slang name for the "posh" people?
  6. Which Irish town has a museum dedicated to the American president, JF Kennedy?
  7. Before the Republic of Ireland was called the Republic of Ireland, what was it called?
  8. What is the area code for Ireland?
  9. How many counties are there in Ireland?
  10. Lastly, In Ireland, if someone compliments you on what your wearing what do you do?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Ireland?