Are You From The North Or South?

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People come from all over the world! Whats also is true is that stereotypes exist everywhere. The Classic Is Northerners Vs Southerners! Can you really tell by just a few questions?

Are You From The North Or South! A Yankee Or A Redneck? Take This quiz to see whether you got the spirit of a Northerner Or Southerner! Your results may shock you!!

Created by: May
  1. Is Sweet Tea and Ice Tea The Same?
  2. NFL Or College Football
  3. What Do You Call A Fizzy Carbonated Drink?
  4. On A Scale Of 1-10 How Important Is A Girls Virginity?
  5. Have You Ever Went Swimming In A Lake?
  6. A Shopping Cart Or Buggie?
  7. How Many Siblings Do You Have?
  8. Have You Ever Been In A Fist Fight?
  9. Is Your Family Military?
  10. What Is Your Reaction To Hearing Someone Say Y'all?

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Quiz topic: Am I From The North Or South?