True Southerner

The reason I created this quiz was so that people could see the true southern light shine through. I have taken a lot of quizzes online but this is my first time creating one.

I hope ya'll enjoy it. The quiz is just for fun and all, but the south is really a wonderful place. I wanted to represent it. So for all you southerners out there... Ya'll take care now ya here.

Created by: Lindsey Bowman

  1. What does the word GRITTS stand for?
  2. Who is considered a yankee?
  3. Whats another word to call your father?
  4. Do you say "you guys?"
  5. Do you go to the coast on vacation?
  6. Do you like goin muddin on them ole back roads?
  7. What does, "Bare your head in the presence of the Stars an Bares" mean?
  8. Do you like fried anythin?
  9. How do you make sweet tea?
  10. Last question... Do You know all the words to country boy can survive? ( Be honest)!

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