Southern or a Yankee?

The South is known for our culture, accents, and heritage. We're God-fearing simple folk devoted to front porches, peaches, and fried chicken. We love God, family, our past, and America.

Test yourself to see if you're one of us or a Yankee. Whatever you get, we love you anyway! If you're a Yankee, well, bless your heart. If your southern, let the South rise again.

Created by: southernprep02
  1. Where do you go for vacation?
  2. Do you take offense to "redneck"?
  3. What's your favorite sport?
  4. What's the second person plural pronoun?
  5. How many syllables in "Mississippi"?
  6. Are Southerners racist?
  7. Who was Jeff Davis?
  8. What do you call Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, and Sprite?
  9. Which of these do you wear?
  10. Which of these items is appropriate football game attire?
  11. Which of these best fits in your closet?
  12. Which of these do you wear?
  13. What does your dad use to warn boyfriends?
  14. Most appealing TV show
  15. Most appealing activity
  16. Favorite destination

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