How southern are you?

Are you southern? you think you can guess how southern you are or if your white trash southern? Take this quiz. Don't think you ain't southern before you take this quiz!

are you redneck enough to be named the most southern person alive? take this quiz, and we will have a good time at the hoe down. Hope you have a good time takin the quiz and use your southern goodness to get a high percantage.

Created by: Ethan
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  1. Do you eat grits
  2. do you love bacon
  3. do you have a confederate flag in your house somewhere
  4. do you know what gingivitis does?
  5. do you hunt
  6. do you own more than 1 4 wheeler or dirt bike, how many?
  7. have you driven that 4 wheeler or dirt bike on a highway
  8. whats your favorite beer?
  9. how do you know when you've had to much to drink?
  10. whats your favorite part of nascar?
  11. have you owned a truck that was not for work and took it muddin
  12. what does boxed wine at a nascar race do for you
  13. do you call northereners yankees who think they are better than ev1 else

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Quiz topic: How southern am I?