How Zimbabwean are you?

Zimbabweans are a unique group of people living (obviously) in Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa. These usually happy and gentle people have been politically and economically destabilised in the last decade or more.

Are you a Zimbabwean at heart? Do you think you have the necessary character and social understanding to live in Southern Africa? You can find out by answer these 12 questions!

Created by: Robert Maposa
  1. The weather is cold if it is
  2. A perfect day is
  3. My favourite type of programmes on TV are:
  4. My favourite sport is
  5. My favourite meat dish is
  6. If there is a queue...
  7. If a person says they're "coming just now" do they mean that they'll be there
  8. You ask a Zimbabwean to help you with a task. He/She says, "Maybe I can come." Do they mean...
  9. My favourite pet is...
  10. My new born son needs a name, the most suitable name is...

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Quiz topic: How Zimbabwean am I?