Southern Redneck

So you think you know us; well take the quiz and find out. I'm southern and proud of it and I wouldn't wanna change that. I love livin' in the country where your not bothered all the time. It's quiet most of the time.

Unless you have neighbors or live in town where the traffic is. But living on a farm is quiet and no one to bothers you; no one. So take the test and find out, but remember it's just a test so don't take it seriously.

Created by: April
  1. Do you hold doors open for others?
  2. What would you see yourself drivin'?
  3. What song best describes you?
  4. Which country hottie would you go out with?
  5. Do think it's annoyin' when someone is drivin' slower than the speed limit?
  6. Which song would you pull if you caught you man/woman cheatin'?
  7. Which would you choose?
  8. Which drink would you choose?
  9. Where would you be with you man/woman?
  10. How would you greet someone?
  11. Which song best describes your relationship with your family?
  12. Which drinkin' song best describes you?
  13. Which song would best describe your breakup?
  14. Which southern hottle would you go out with?
  15. What would you be doin' on the weekends?
  16. How's your temper?
  17. Where is the Moonshine Capital?
  18. How do you dress?
  19. What would you do on your 21 birthday?

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