Are You Southern

You may think being Southern is just having an accent, but it's a lot more. It's an entire way of life. Its what you do, what you say, and especially what you eat.

This quiz tells you if you are a True Southerner or not. I'm a Southerner and know what it's like to be one. This quiz will hopefully give you an idea of if you're a Southerner or not.

Created by: Bob Gentry

  1. Has anyone ever blessed your heart?
  2. Is your grandma like Paula Dean?
  3. Do you know what yonder means?
  4. When addressing a crowd of people what would you say?
  5. Have you ever shot a gun?
  6. Can you go a day without seeing a Confederate Flag?
  7. Do you regularly eat fried foods and mayonnaise?
  8. Do you say hey to someone walking down the street?
  9. Do you say Yes/No ma'am or Yes/No sir to someone even if they are younger thsn you?
  10. Do you drink Coke, Soda, Pop, or Sweet Tea

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Quiz topic: Am I Southern