How Well Do You Understand A Southern Accent?

Do you understand the quaint but often hard to comprehend speech of old-school southerners,or is it harder for you to make out than a foreign dialect?

Take this quiz to find out just how well you understand old-time southern speech and grammar.Are you a true cracker,a Yankee ferriner,or in between???

Created by: ss21974

  1. When someone with a very thick southern accent says "Ah",what are they saying?
  2. When someone with a thick southern accent asks how much do you "lyke" being finished or through with something,what are they really saying?
  3. What is a "wahhf"?
  4. Do you like to daints?
  5. Do what?And what are you fixin' to do?
  6. Have you ever seen a jack ice?
  7. Do you have an arr pump?That tar needs some arr.
  8. Yer paw done been workin' a long tahhm,ain't he retard yet?
  9. What you gonna do with them-arr flyers?
  10. This quiz is fixing to be over,cep'fn one more question,don't be so tetchy!Ain't no sense in havin' a conniption!

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Understand A Southern Accent?