Do you have a Southern Accent- This is for all those who have bee

Well, ya'll better saddle up ye're there horses, and get a buckled up tight. We're a goin' on a ride ta remember. Do ya have a southern accent, or are you a northerner? Well, come on a over and a take a my quiz! It'd be a blast for a ya to do it!

Much obliged for followin' my advice, and a comin' and a takin' my quiz here. Ya'll sure ta love it as I love the dear old a south. I'm indebted to ya for supportin' me, and I love ya for it. Study up, for this is one a heck of a quiz.

Created by: Haley
  1. When talking how do you say You All?
  2. When you say a word like 'Know', do you draw it out when you say it? If you don't know, say it right now in a sentence.
  3. How do you refer to people?
  4. How do you refer to baby cattle?
  5. Say cinnamon ans synonymn. Are they same or different?
  6. This does not effect the quiz, honest. Did you take the quiz "A Very Hard Quiz, Just Take it"? That was also done by me.
  7. Hey and Hay. Do they sound the same?
  8. No and Know. Different?
  9. You were going to look up Xenaphobia in the dictionary. Where would you find it?
  10. When you say WINDMILL, how do you pronounce it?
  11. Last one, what do you say?
  12. When you talk, and say this sentence: Jim is Jumping over barrels; how do you say JUMPING?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a Southern Accent- This is for all those who have bee