Truth or Dare??!

Truth or dare is a game but now it is Maked as a quiz! Answer what You really are And Try your best. If You Want dare answer the questions with dare word but if You Want Truth answer the questions with Truth word.

So, are You prepared to Take the Truth or dare quiz game? If You do, then please remember to answer dare if You choose dare or Truth if You choose Truth. It won't Take long so Have fun!

Created by: Hanna

  1. Truth or dare?
  2. Truth, pick a number
  3. Dare, pick a number
  4. Truth, pick a level
  5. Dare, pick a level
  6. Once again, Truth or Dare?
  7. Truth, Who should They kill?
  8. Dare, choose a selection.
  9. Truth, ready for reasults? (Will count)
  10. Dare, ready for results? (Will count)

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