Modern Warfare 2 Quiz

Call of Duty 4 was a revolutionary when it came to FPS, but Modern Warfare 2 updates the game and takes FPS games to the next level. If you haven't played it, then do it!

Now how well do you think you know Modern Warfare 2? Do you have the knowledge of this awesome FPS game. Well, if you have played this game, then take this quiz and find out!!!!

Created by: bilbo baggins

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  1. What year does the game take place?
  2. Who do you play as in the very first mission of the game?
  3. Who becomes the villian at the end of the game?
  4. Before the final missions of the game, who was the villian then?
  5. Who is the captain of Task Force 141 at the beginning of the game?
  6. How come Roach and Soap go to a mountain of Tian Shan in Kazakhstan in the mission "Cliffhanger"?
  7. In the mission "No Russian", what is Joseph Allen's fake name when he is sent on an undercover mission?
  8. What do you do in the mission called "No Russian"?
  9. What happens at the end of the mission of "No Russian"?
  10. What does the Russian police believe after the attack?
  11. What do the Russians do to retaliate because the American supported attack.
  12. In order to prove that America was innocent for the airport attack, where does Task Force 141 go?
  13. Who does Soap try to capture?
  14. What does "who they capture" reveal?
  15. What is the prisoner's number?
  16. Who turns out to be the prisoner?
  17. In the mission "Contingency", what do Roach, Price, Ghost, and the other men try to accomplish?
  18. What does Price blow up in "Contingency"?
  19. Meanwhile, where does Sergeant Foley lead Dunn, Ramirez, Shepherd, and the other Army Rangers?
  20. Then where do the Army Rangers go?
  21. Do the Army Rangers get out of the war zone in safety?
  22. Where do Soap and Price go after that?
  23. At the same time, where do Roach and Ghost go?
  24. What happens when Roach and Ghost get vital intelligence?
  25. After Shepherd's betrayal, who rescues Soap and Price?
  26. On the mission to kill Shepherd, they fall over a waterfall, Soap finds Shepherd, what happens next?
  27. Does Shepherd get killed?
  28. Who kills him?
  29. How?
  30. Who extracts Price and Soap?

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