How well do you know My Chemical Romance?

My Chemical Romance is a band you may have heard of that plays music and does musical things. However, it is different from other bands, because it is the epitome of awesomeness.

So how well do you know this amazing, incredible band? Are you a true killjoy in the black parade the gives people bullets for revenge (teehee)? Are you awesome? Take this quiz to find out.

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  1. Who is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance?
  2. Which of the band members is obsessed with unicorns?
  3. Which of the following band members most recently played percussion for the band?
  4. What was the song "Skylines and Turnstiles" about?
  5. Which of the following hair colors has Gerard Way NOT had?
  6. Which cartoon was Gerard Way working on before he decided to start the band?
  7. Which of the following is NOT a title of one of their albums?
  8. How many albums are there as of now (December 2011)?
  9. Which of the following is NOT a Gerard Way quote?
  10. Which of the band members hates needles?
  11. What is the song "Helena" about?
  12. Which of the following song titles was an actual song by My Chemical Romance?
  13. Which of the following is NOT an actual song by My Chemical Romance?
  14. Which of the following names is that of a PREVIOUS band member?
  15. Which of the following songs was used to raise money for Japan's tsunami relief fund?
  16. Which of the following songs was on MCR's first album?
  17. What is Gerard Way's daughter's name?
  18. What is Gerard Way's natural hair color?
  19. Which of these band members has a beard?
  20. Which of these bands/singers did Gerard Way praise in an interview?
  21. In what year did the band start?
  22. Is My Chemical Romance a good band?
  23. Who worked with Gerard Way on the comic book "Umbrella Academy"?
  24. What does Gerard Way drink a lot of?
  25. Cigarettes and coffee are an alcoholic's best friend according to whom?
  26. Do I like MCR (Me, not you)?
  27. Do I like the Harry Potter series (Me, not you)?
  28. Are the band members good people?

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