What decade of Music are You

Lots of people like music, but which decade of music do you like the most? Find out by taking this short quiz. Have fun. It's short and easy This quiz is lots of fun and while get those songs you love stuck in your head for hours. I love these songs and these bands so have bucket loads of fun. So good luck and so long.

Do you like music well which decade do you like the most Find out now by taking this fun quiz about music and some of my favorite songs and band. So have lots of fun taking this short quiz on music I made because I was really bored

Created by: Naomi

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick A Band
  2. Pick a Song
  3. Pick one
  4. Pick again
  5. Which one?
  6. How about now?
  7. Which one now?
  8. Which one do you like?
  9. Pick another one
  10. Which song?

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Quiz topic: What decade of Music am I