the stuped quiz

every one is stupid at something we can't be smart at everything. Sometimes we have to learn to except the fact that we all can be stupid sometimes and that we all are equal in one way or another.

See if you are stupid now?? Are you dimwitted not smart well don't worry we all are but lets see how stupid we are in minutes you will be whisked away by mind tricking questions

Created by: tina
  1. Is your toe fuzzy
  2. What is the capital of Merissa ville
  3. What do you do when you run out of money at the mall
  4. why did the flame go out??
  5. how many fingers is the platupus holding up
  6. Where is the special china
  7. who is great
  8. what do you do with a flame thrower
  9. read a book
  10. look inside yourself

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