What Scent Should You Get?

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welcome to the scent quiz. i congratulate you for seeing this quiz catch your eye. this will be fun, i promise. when us girls go through our... stage... we start smelling. so then we try out... lets say apple cinnamon. but then, when we try it, it does not match us whatsoever.

i know that really sounded like it happened to me. the truth is, it did. and it wasnt very good. what a waste of money. i am going to help you find a scent that suits you so you wont have to go through it. it diesnt sound bad, but when you buy a stinky 140$ perfume, it is awful.so hurry now!

Created by: pinacolada

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  1. thank you so much for taking this quiz! it really lights my soul. first question. would you prefer sweet or spicy or both?
  2. second question. if you could choose a climate, what would you choose?
  3. now, tell me your hair color
  4. now, what is your eye color?
  5. now tell me some more. what is your favorite color? if your answer isnt on here, choose the closest one. (example, if i like pink, i click red)
  6. now please tell me, what is your favorite sport? if yours isnt on, just choose your second favorite, then third, ex.
  7. phewf. it takes a lot of work to make these quizes. now,click the scent you have tried before and does not whatsoever work on you at all
  8. now tell me, choose your favorite of the 4 elements.
  9. good! we are almost over. it will be sad to let you go. well, try my other quizes, what god/godess are you, or what insct are you.
  10. goodbye! good luck with yo answers

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Quiz topic: What Scent should I Get?