What Scent Are You?

There are so many different scents it can be hard to know which scent to choose when you need to choose a home fragrance. Discover what scents you prefer with this what scent are you quiz?

What scent do you prefer? Do you know what scent or scents you enjoy? Until know you could only guess, but thanks to this great quiz you will know know what scent is best for you.

Created by: AnnaLaura Brown
  1. Do you enjoy more traditional scents?
  2. What kind of environment do you like to create with a scent?
  3. What kinds of candle scents do you burn the most frequently?
  4. How frequently do you try new scents?
  5. When out shopping do you take the time to remove lids of candles and other scented products and smell them?
  6. How frequently do you burn candles, or use other home fragrance products?
  7. Why do you choose a scent when you choose one?
  8. When a friend recommends a new scent to you, what do you do?
  9. How much does the name of a scent influence your decision to try it?
  10. When you need to use a scent to get rid of a bad smell, what kind do you normally choose?

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Quiz topic: What Scent am I?