Panthoibi Leichangdhem

Basically this quiz is not only for the genius. or its Question of mine personal one. it about a celebratity. just to gain knowledge about him i created this page. or quiz type. All are genius jst the usage is different. But its just and simple Q if you know him you can simply get the answers easily. There is none Mathematics question or either Science one.

Are you genius? do you have the brain power to answer those prestigious Qs about your biggest idols. Simply sort of you might not or knowing about himbut generallu its kind off getting him more efficient and knowing him more. their os no work of genius just to know about a singlr famous celebratity.

Created by: Panthoibi

  1. When did GDragon declared him to be very good looking?
  2. What is G dragon's favourite colour?
  3. G dragon's first album?
  4. When is g dragons birthday?
  5. How many tattoo does G dragon has?
  6. With whom did Gdragon ft The song missing you?
  7. At what age did Gdragon started rapping?
  8. What is Gdragons blood group?
  9. Which song did Gdragon ft with Sandara Park?
  10. What is Gdragons Fav song?
  11. What is Gdragons official height?

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