How's Your Grammar?

Many people post things on the internet without checking their spelling or grammar. Oftentimes, they use incorrect spelling or the wrong word to complete a phrase.

Are you guilty of mangling the English language? Do you know when to use then or than? Do you know when you go further or farther? Take this quiz and find out! If you score below 100 percent, go crack open a book and study!

Created by: Maggie Amaya of Mayv's Musings
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  1. __ for chocolate, lemon is my favourite cake.
  2. I __ that we have a difference of opinion.
  3. He __ taken McGee Street __ Palmer Drive.
  4. You need to go a mile __ down the road to get to my shop.
  5. The first act is drastically different __ the second in this play.
  6. Turn right on Booker, __ left at the light; I'll be waiting outside.
  7. Rather __ go see a movie, how about we rent a video instead?
  8. I prefer the taste of blackberries to __.
  9. I can __ go to the party, if I can get the night off from work.
  10. Pick the correct phrase:
  11. Please, get __ the car and ask for directions.
  12. We went __ the spa.
  13. We went to the mall, __.
  14. I'm going back to college to __ my career.

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