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English is a language of the geniuses and talented wizards.Don`t think so? How many times have you ever spoke of Neurophobia and Heliophobia in your daily speaking? Nah!English is a language based on complex terms with simple meanings which helps you know an entirely different set of English vocabulary!

Exceptional English languages and words which are uncommon are the things we do not pay attention to? Do You? Try out this quiz and test your exceptional English talent!Are u able enough for the prestigious title of an 'English Wizard'? Then go for it!

Created by: Srija B.
  1. 'Helminthophobia' is the phobia of which object?
  2. Which is the word which does not have a rhyming word in the whole English Dictionary?
  3. What is 'zirconium'?
  4. Which is the most used alphabet in the English Language?
  5. What is a pterodactyl?
  6. Explain the term "Bohemian"?
  7. Give a synonym to the word 'shallot' which has exactly the same meaning.
  8. "The CEO will decide if it is right or wrong." Which is the wrong Part of Speech in the sentence?
  9. What is the full form of the exam TOEFL?
  10. Congo is formerly the Democratic Republic of?
  11. 'Hotchpotch' is the US transformed word of which word?
  12. What does HOGMANAY mean in Scotland?
  13. What does the abbreviation HNC mean?

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