1984: pages 117-147

Welcome to period 2 English 9H. This is the quiz for pages 117-147 in 1984 by George Orwell. Do the best you can and remember you can earn more points by participating in the class discussion or answering the blog question. Good luck!

For grading purposes, this quiz is only for English 9 honors period 2 students. We apologize for being so repetitive, but this quiz makes us write paragraphs. Have fun quizzing!

Created by: serena
  1. What does Julia give Winston from the black market?
  2. How did Julia find the secret clearing?
  3. why is Julia a memeber of the anti-sex league?
  4. How did the party attempt to abolish the instinct of family?
  5. Where did Julia get the coffee, bread, and other food that she brought to the room above the shop?
  6. Why does Winston become suddenly uncomfortable in the room above the shop?
  7. Finnish the line: Oranges and Lemons, say the bells of....
  8. Who taught Julia the song mentioned in the previous question?
  9. Who suddenly vanishes in these chapters?
  10. Why does Winston say "We are dead"?

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