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In fact, any demonstration of the ways you would like to utilise ICT in your classroom - any computer-created product made specifically by you to assist with teaching and learning, just remember you have to supply an explanation of why you made it and how you would use it! The refined product of any of the workshop tasks might be the basis for a portfolio item. Dip Ed Secondary students should choose materials corresponding to one or both of their Method areas. ... but try not to duplicate something that's explained ad infinitum elsewhere, like how to make a Website! And don't go in for anything too technical! What Applications Can You Use? We have to be able to run the applications you use. For guidance on what applications you can use see here. You can use the same application more than once. HOWEVER! If you do, make sure you do different things with it! We will not be impressed by, say, a Webpage on 'How to make a Webpage' and another Webpage on 'How to make a Powerpoint presentation,' because that is more-or-less the same thing with the same application. And using the same application for three items is probably not going to impress at all unless you are unusually creative.

Created by: Rach

  1. Which of the following is NOT a colour of the rainbow?
  2. gdhdfhgh
  3. dhgfhfg
  4. gfhdfh
  5. ewrqew
  6. qewrqwe
  7. ererert
  8. nnnnnnnnnn
  9. qqqqqqqqq
  10. m

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