Ninjago Know How!

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NINJA GO! NINJA WAIT! Before you can become a ninja you need ninja know how! Do you know as much as you think? If you want to become a ninja take the test!

If you don't get 100 at first try agian! If you still don't get 100 then try watching some ninjago episodes. Then come back! Now GO TAKE THE NINJA TEST!

Created by: Bunnylover101
  1. What is Zane the ninja of?
  2. What is Kai the ninja of?
  3. What is Lloyd the ninja of?
  4. What is Nya the ninja of?
  5. What is Jay the ninja of?
  6. What is Cole the ninja of?
  7. How many arms did Lord Garamadon have?
  8. How many girls are on the ninja team?
  9. how many season of ninjago are there?
  10. What is the green ninjas name?
  11. Who is the ninjas sensei?
  12. What tea can make you time travel?
  13. Which eveil took kai's sister?
  14. What ninja is a nindriod?
  15. Which ninja was scared of dragons?
  16. What ninja was thought dead when defeating the digetal overlord?
  17. Who hosted the tournament of elements?
  18. What do the pirates call the ninja?

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