what ninjago ninja are you

A ninja it is you want to be. It is a hard job and do you have what it takes to defeat villans we'll take this quiz and see if you are Cole Zane Kai or Jay

Oh you have to take this quiz no excuses or you are a no ninja. Take this quiz and let us see if you have whatever it takes to be a strong ninja. Are you ready for it

Created by: destructor
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what element would you take
  2. what weapon is your desire
  3. What colour ninja clothes would you want
  4. What would you say to yourself when at struggle
  5. Who is your favourite ninja
  6. What would you equip on missions
  7. What is your worst villan
  8. What would you do with your elemental dragon
  9. What would you do with the realm crystal
  10. What kind of ninja would you aim for
  11. Are you incredibly strong
  12. is hiding of your skills (can you hide well)
  13. what happens when you injure yourself acctidentally
  14. do you enjoy reading
  15. what do you think is cool
  16. Do you like this ninjago quiz
  17. are you ready to see your results
  18. press submit

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Quiz topic: What ninjago ninja am I