What ninjago ninja are you?

The ninjas are protesters of ninjago. Which one are you? Take this quiz to find out! This is meh first quiz, and I hope you like it. It took me so long to perfect this.

Are you strong enough to be a ninja. Let them ask you questions to find out.Meet Lloyd,Cole,Kai,Jay,Zane,and Lloren (me,but I'm not in the tv series;)

Created by: Green Shadow_Ninja of GreenShadowNinja
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  1. Hoi. Meh first quiz I'll ask some questions.
  2. Ok don't kill me, but favorite color I make a force feild around me
  3. Now the one and only ninja! Ninja: hi
  4. I'm picking names out o the ninja mask....Jay Jay:k,do you like cotton candy?
  5. Ummmmm....Kai Kai:do you like my hair Me Lloyd and Jay face palm
  6. Oooook.....Lloyd Lloyd:what do you do during your free time? Zane:good one Lloyd
  7. K Zane Zane: what do you think of me being a nindroid
  8. Cole:My turn! Me:yup Cole:do you like cake?
  9. Me:I wanna ask a question Lloyd:go ahead Me:k,fav ninja
  10. Me:few more Kai:fine Me:candy?
  11. ME:mk, where... Jay:WHERE IN NINJAGO DO YOU LIVE I tackle Jay to the ground
  12. Ok bye! Ninja:bye

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Quiz topic: What ninjago ninja am I?