What is your DnD character's ability scores?

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Every task that a character or monster might attempt in the game is covered by one of the six Abilities. These abilities affecting nearly everything your character wants to do in the game.

These abilities often work with character and world immersion if they compliment the character's personal beliefs and morals. Remember dungeons and dragons is a role playing game.

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  1. What gives your character a sense of fulfilment or purpose in life?
  2. If your character had superpowers, how would they use them for others and for themselves?
  3. How does your character behave when insulted?
  4. What job does your character want now?
  5. When does your character think that violence is justified or deserved?
  6. Which common rules of etiquette does your character disagree with?
  7. What behaviour does your character have that they'd like to change?
  8. Which personality traits in other creatures annoys your character the most?
  9. Which fault would your character refuse to accept in a romantic partner?
  10. If your character could spend a weekend anywhere, where would it be?
  11. What lie is your character most likely to tell?
  12. What does your character's ideal world look like?
  13. Who is your character's hero?
  14. How far would your character go to realize their dreams and ambitions?
  15. How does your character try to get others to cooperate with them?

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Quiz topic: What is my DnD character's ability scores?